My name is Tammy and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Nutritionist in the Oklahoma City metro.

Not only am I a personal trainer but I also have my own personal trainer that I work with multiple days a week - I don’t expect anything from my clients that I don’t expect from myself and haven’t gone thru myself. Over the last several years, I have lost just over 200 pounds and it has become a passion for me to help other people reach health goals that they have set for themselves. There is nothing I love to see more than when people are able to reach goals that they have set. Offering customized personal training sessions, I cater to my client's goals and needs.

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Consultations are available to tour the facility, discuss client goals, and suggest a workout regimen based on goals are complimentary. Ready to get started on your goals? Contact me today for your free consultation.


One-on-One personal training sessions are $35.00 per session and include a 30-minute session in a private studio that is not open to the public.

Each session is tailor made to the client based on the goals that have been discussed.