Next challenge starting May 25
6-Week Challenge = $125.00
This will mainly be an online/independent program and will also include:
- A private Instagram page to join
- A workout will be uploaded each week to follow
- Cardio plans will be given to go with the program
- Meal plan guidance
- Multiple bootcamp classes throughout the week in our facility.  Also the opportunity to consult with the Trainer and Nutritionist each week.
- Option for prepped meals at a discount ($5 off prepped meal sets!). Meals can be picked up each Sunday at the bootcamp class
- Refer a friend and get $5.00 discount

Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp classes are $17

Package of 10 bootcamp classes is $150

Multiple bootcamp classes are offered throughout the week in our facility.


Our next workshop is the Women's Health & Wellness Workshop on Sunday, June 23rd.

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